Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day One

Well, day one is almost at a close and i feel excited about carrying on my journey! Ive stuck to the points and remembered how to work them out easier than i thought i would! Ive saved a few points though because at i've got into the habit recently of snacking at night, so ive a few points left should the urge overtake me!

I've been on the biggest loser Wii game, did the 6 minute warm up and the 23 minute workout!! I'll probably not be able to move tomorrow!! Felt good though. My weight was 18 stone 9lbs! So i've gained around 10 lbs over the Xmas and new year period.

So far so good :D


  1. You're sounding very motivated. Roll on day 2 :o)

  2. Hi, visiting for the first time. The Wii game sounds like a fun way to workout.