Thursday, 14 January 2010

All Official Now!!

Have finally been to a meeting and now have an "official" weightwatchers weight!! And its all good! I was 18st 8.5 lbs when i last weighed in at a meeting and tonight was 17 st 13.5! So 9 lbs lighter than last time!! And i've lost weight since last week too. Think i've lost 9 lbs in total since 2nd Jan.

Still all going good, sticking to points. Havent had any chocolate and im not missing it (although i have just bought two packets of WW choc bars!!). My nightly treat is a Skinny Cow hot choc and a packet of french fries once all the children are in bed and that does me!


  1. Fantastic weigh in! The weight's just dropping off you, well done..

    Was wondering if you wouldnt mind me contacting you via email, I'm being a bit nosey re: your recent pregnancy and wondered if I could pick your brains..if you could let me know i'd appreciate it

  2. That's wonderful. You're really hitting the ground running in this new year. Well done!

  3. Thanks. Mrsshilts of course you can! xx

  4. That's just fantastic Gemma. Well done, i'm so pleased for you. :o) x