Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Successful (re)Start!!

Well!!! Week one back on track and it's all going fabby! Ive been able to easily stick within points all week. In fact i've banked some to have a tipple or 2 tonight with it being Saturday, but i dont really fancy a drink, so will find something else to have a Saturday night munch on instead!

As I thought Thursdays meeting was cancelled so I still haven't got an official start weight, but i weighed on my Wii fit at the same time today as i did last week, and weight was 18st 2lbs!!! Woop woop - thats a loss of 7lbs!! Am most very pleased with that!

Im enjoying the new series of Biggest Loser USA. Ive also set a few programmes to record. Sky Real lives are showing lots of extreme diet stories in January so i'm recording them. And Lorraine Kelly is doing a programme on Bio channel to sort out Emma and her family (from X factor = below), this looks good! Also My Big Fat Diet Show on channel 4. So if I cant find some inspiration in that lot, I wont find it anywhere!!

Onwards and inwards!!


  1. oh wow, 7 lbs already. That's fantastic Gemma. Well done. Brilliant x

  2. 7lb is a fantastic start! I'm also glad that there's so much diet tv on just now. It's really helping me stay focused.