Saturday, 2 January 2010

Back On It!

Well so far so good!! Im 12 hours in to my new weightwatchers regime, haha!

Ive been shopping and bought lots of healthy food stuffs. Got my daughter to take before pics of me, kept saying "you'll have to take another, that ones horrible" - then realised they were all going to be horrible - after all they are before pics! Im wearing pyjamas that only just fit me - so hopefully in a couple of months they'll be too big!

Will take measurements and weigh on Wii fit later, and if i have time will do some Biggest Loser. Its snowing again today so my idea of getting out walking isnt going to happen as i cant push the pram through it. Rarrrr!


  1. I know what you mean about the photos hun, I was the same, and I did mine in pj's too, lol.

    You must of lost loads of weight already cos you look totally different on both of your before pics.

    Anyway, keep up the hard work and all the best for 2010. xox

  2. That made me smile about your photos. I've done that and still do. LOL. Good luck 2010 Gemma x

  3. Hope you have a fantastic 2010 :o)