Thursday, 21 January 2010

Weigh In

I lost 1.5lbs this week. Thought it might have been more as i've been so much more active this week, but maybe it will show next week!

Still it is a loss, and takes my total since starting this journey on Oct 08 to 65lbs!!!!!!!!!! Only 5 more lbs to 5 stones and then 5lbs after that is 75lbs! Its so close i can almost reach out and touch it!

Not much else to report, am feeling a bit naff with a cold thats started today but hopefully it wont be around for long!


  1. Thats brilliant, well done and very well done overall, you give me hope that it can be done!!

  2. And if you lose 6lbs you'll have lost more weight that you'll have left to lose. :o)
    Well done Gemma, you're doing well x

  3. well done. That's a magnificent loss, and you look lovely in your pic in the last post.

  4. Great loss hun, well done. You are doing fantastic and you can see such a huge difference now, bet you feel like a different woman. xox