Monday, 4 January 2010

Going Well!

Day 3 now over and done with! I've stuck to the points and im not finding it a struggle at all. I've stopped saving all my points for evenings though as i've found that as evenings are my busiest times i wasnt getting chance to use all my points, which i know can have a negative effect on weight loss in time to come.

I put a new battery in my pedometer this morning so its all set for counting my thousands of steps - once all the snow goes that is! Cant walk out there at the minute, not with a pram at any rate. Its coming down thick and fast out there as i type and the highest temperature today was -1, so i cant see the snow being gone any time soon. I will have a lot to make up for when i get chance.

Was supposed to do Biggest Loser on Wii tonight but havent got round to it so will try to find time tomorrow. As long as i do it tomorrow i wont have missed a work out.

Also, a new season of Biggest Loser USA started tonight on Sky Real Lives, so i'll be recording that, so i can skim through all the crap chat on it. I love the programme but sometimes it bores me rigid! So inspirational though, and of course watching Bob is a nice bonus ;)

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