Saturday, 16 January 2010

Never Again!!

Ok, so two weeks in and all is going relatively well, until that is, i buy Weightwatchers chocolate bars. I havent had any chocolate since i ate my own body weight in the stuff on New Years Day (i kindly polished off all my mums so she didnt have to!). I havent missed it, and my treat has been a Skinny Cow hot choc at night, and this has suited me.

On thursday at the meeting, i bought 2 boxes of Weightwatchers choc bars. Big mistake. I ate 1 on Thursday night - no problem there. Last night I ate 3 of the buggers one after the other, plus the one that i'd already eaten during the day. Just pointed up though and i've still come in under points (by one point!) so thats good. That must be down the pizza I had for tea - a weightwatchers one, 5 points it says on the pack - bargain i think! A pizza for 5 points. Woop! It was the tiniest thing i've ever seen!! Was very nice though!

SO lesson learnt. I dont need chocolate, so i dont need to buy it. If i do buy it i will eat it ALL, so no more!!

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  1. Good luck with that, Gemma! I know it's hard but you seem to have the right frame of mind. :)