Friday, 4 March 2011

Good Girl Today!!

Ive had
Breakfast - Shredded Wheat bitesize & skimmed milk
Lunch - jacket potato with chicken curry (ate out at soft play centre), with side salad
Dinner - weightwatchers mexican chilli plus side salad
Snacks - apple, packet french fries, alpen light bar
Drinks - 3 teas, 1 coffee, 4 glasses water & a 500ml bottle water

I took Kieron to a soft play centre and spent a good hour climbing and chasing him, and sliding down slides!! Then we went to an outdoor park and after 10 minutes playing on there, we went for a walk around the lake to say hello to the ducks. Then we walked to the local shops, and picked Olivia, Elliot and Jake up from school, then went to another park on the way home. SO ive had quiet an active too. And i should sleep well tonight as im shattered :)

1 comment:

  1. I'm shattered just reading about all the exercise you've been doing!! LOL