Sunday, 27 March 2011

Survived :)

I survived Saturday night, and ended the day with 2 propoints leftover, and my 49 weekly points intact!

I also have managed to stick to it today. Although I have learnt a lesson! We ate out for lunch, and I ordered a jacket potato with tuna mayo, knowing it came with a salad. It also came with salad dressing, rarrrr. I didnt know what the dressing was and the place was mad busy so couldn't be bothered to find out! So I didnt eat the salad, and i've learnt to ask for no dressing next time!

We went for a walk today to one of our favourite places, Hollingworth Lake. So ive had a little activity today too. I would normally walk round at least twice, but with all the children we only did the one lap (its about 2.5 miles). But I did have a go on the adventure playground too, which involved lots of climbing and balancing and rope walking! I looked a right wally!


  1. A good trick that I use is to order dressing on the side, and then you just dip your fork tines into the dressing before each bite. You'll only use like a teaspoon or two but it will feel like much more. Good job on surviving Sat. night :)

  2. Oh look at you! Well done! I know firsthand what you've been through; I've struggled with weight my whole life. Keep up the good work.

  3. I just googled Hollingworth Lake because I have never heard of the place before and it looks so nice, especially if the suns out and it's a great day. I wish I had something like that near me!