Saturday, 26 March 2011

Eeek Its Saturday Night

It is notoriously my night for failing and falling spectacularly from the wagon.

Im doing well so far :) Me and hubby have a couple of DVDs to watch (Case 39 and Due Date), so I should be able to stop from munching. However I still have 9 propoints left, and havent touched my 49 weekly ones yet, so if i fancy something during the film I may indulge! I shouldnt go overboard as will be with hubby, and normally all my binge eating is done is secret, so that urge should stay away!

I did my WW challenge this morning with the children, we put a CD on and danced for about a half hour, I did build up quite a bit of a sweat so it did me some good! The children all thought I was a bit mad though!!

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